AKO Login

AKO is abbreviation for Army Knowledge Online. It was established in 1990s as an experimental outgrowth of a project of the General Office Management Office. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) provides web-based enterprise information services to the United States Army, Department of Defense customers and the joint. AKO is well known as the world’s largest intranet. There are many a lot of Army which access the portal daily to personal purposes and mission. It is approximately in 2008, AKO (Army Knowledge Online) reach one billion of its login.

If you want to get AKO login, first you have to create an AKO account with username and password. If you are authorized, you will be provided this information by the US military. But to login AKO, you must have CAC. It is stands for Common Access Card as well as a personal identification number. Beside that the users which login AKO have to answer three of fifteen personal questions which further validate the users. So, if you do not have CAC (Common Access Card) you will not able to log in AKO (Army Knowledge Online).

AKO Login

If you have a CAC (Common Access Card) that you can use to access your AKO email login, you can set your account to be CAC only login. After you set your account to be CAC-Only, you are suspending the ability to use a username and password with your account. It is to prevent anyone from accessing your account without your CAC (Common Access Card) and PIN. It is also to prevent within eliminate the need to renew your password regularly.

By the way, how to set your account for CAC Only login? Here, we will explain about that.

1. Log in to your AKO account using your CAC.

2. Open the My Account menu.

3. Click the Change Password menu option.

4. Select the Set CAC Only Login.

5. Click the Enable CAC Only Login button.

If you have a new CAC (Common Access Card) you have to go through the CAC setup process to gain access to your AKO Webmail. This will more than likely require you to update your Active Client. The US army has been requiring all users who want to access their AKO email account to use their CAC (Common Access Card) to login to AKO (Army Knowledge Online). It is about since 2013s. All users who have a CAC (Common Access Card) should migrate to the Enterprise Email platform fully. The enterprise email is an email platform which is created to allow the army to communicate with each other in private network which more secure.

AKO (Army Knowledge Online) manages email about over 2.4 million users. There are many security practices which must be taken to insure that this information remains visible to only the correct people. The people who can use the AKO (Army Knowledge Online) service such as retired members of the army, active members, and DA civilians. Sometimes it may be difficult to log into army Ako sign in because there are many security practices.

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