Access AKO / DKO when I Retire or ETS

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Currently you may ask and wonder if you can still use Account Army AKO / DKO when ETS or Retire from Army? The following article we will discuss about this, read below:

  • If your Status changes to Retiree and AKO / DKO
    If your status has changed to a retired AKO / DKO, then if you want to retain an unsupported account status for our retired users who have fully retired from the Army service (including Army Reserves, Army National Guard and Department of Civilian Army Personnel). Users eligible for an unsupported DKO account that will be retired should their account be converted to a guest status to maintain access to Army DKO / Army AKO.
  • If your status is Retired from the Army / Department of the Army
    The database available to Retiree’s and Reservists is called TAPDB-R. Once your information is updated in TAPDB (Total Army Personnel Database), your AKO account will be automatically converted to Army Retiree account and will not be the same as when you were serving as a soldier.
  • If your status has been separated from the Army but you are not in the pension category
    You’re separated from the Army but did not achieve the full retirement allowance then your account will require sponsors to maintain access like you were in the army. Without changing the account to a sponsored account, this will be disabled 180 days after your separation is reflected in the AKO personnel database. To maintain access you must find an Army sponsor.
  • If your status is a time before you retire
    In your AKO / DKO account status is a reflection of your status in our authoritative personnel database. Due to the lag time between the period in which you left the service and the point where your retirement status is reflected correctly, we recommend that you update the password in your account before you submit your CAC. Changing your password will remove the potential CAC access requirement only and set the password termination stops for five more months. This should be enough time for your personnel records to be updated and you should not experience any disruption in service.
    Also if you sponsor non-dependent accounts of your DEERS, you will want to move their sponsors to a new Army sponsor.

After your retirement:

To access AKO:

After you retired and want to open again your Army AKO? So, If you are retired and want to open a Retired account, the Army will maintain access to many AKO functions such as email, instant messenger, and AKO file areas. However, there are some areas that are restricted to service members such as the Key of Assignment Satisfaction or Smartforce will not be available after you retire.

To open the AKO password:

After you retired and want to open again with your password AKO Army? The account of retired account will be converted to your Army Retirement account will no longer ask your Common Access Card to log in to your account, change your password, or manage your sponsor account for complete access such as when you were a soldier.

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    How do I get an AKO account
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