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Army Career Tracker, which is also more known as ACT, refers to the first comprehensive leadership development and career management tool of the Army. What is the correlation between ACT and AKO or Army Knowledge Online? Find out everything below.

About ACT or Army Career Tracker

About ACT or Army Career Tracker is the one that combines a few things, including training, assignment history and formal and informal education into a portal that is personalized. This portal is able to be used easily. Every user has a chance to monitor their career development and history. The second thing that they can do is to search multiple Army education and training resources. Besides, they can also enroll in Army courses. In addition to these, they are also allowed to get personalized advice from their leadership to proactively monitor their career all in one place.

AKO Army Career Tracker

The Ones That Should Use ACT

Soldiers, Officers and Army Civilians from all components, active, reserve and ARNG are included on the list as the ones that are allowed to use ACT. There is also special functionality so that it can be used by the Leaders or Supervisors, Mentors, Career Administrators, Content Managers, Staff, and Recruiters.

The Reasons to Use ACT

ACT is important as it will help you to manage your career to success. It is needed for everyone to plan and to capture their career goals and objectives within the Army training and leader development systems to spread their wings and to develop their leadership skills.

With ACT, you are allowed to see the accomplishments that you earned in the past and allows you to see the potential career development in a single interface that is easy to use. You will also be provided the context through the career maps, leader messages, and recommendations, notifications of the next development deadlines, and the ability to view the career progression options. As one of the users, you will have a privilege to respond to the course of action, which can be done by setting the goals and registering for classes and the Leaders or Mentors are able to send the recommendations that have been targeted.

The Right Time to Use ACT

ACT is available to be used by now. It was released to choose Enlisted Active, ARNG, and USAR Soldiers and their leaders in June 2011.

The Way to Use ACT                

The AKO credentials are able to be used to access the Army Career Tracker at https:///actnow.army.mil after the ACT has been deployed to either your CMF or your CP. The thing known as ACT will also be able to be accessed from within the AKO site.

What Can Be Expected from ACT?

ACT is like the one stop career management portal for a lot of people, including Army Soldiers, Civilians, and Officers. As a user, you can expect a single portal for career resources such as the CAS or the College of the American Soldier. Every soldier is also able to expect it to give them a single place that can be used to personalize career dashboard, get news, be the bridge to connect with the Leaders, Supervisors and Mentors. This portal also is expected to be a location for the other career resources such as GoArmyEd, ALMS, CAS, and so on. As for Leaders and Supervisors, they can expect this portal to give them a single place that can be sued to manage the career of their soldiers and employees including a Recommendation Kit.

What Is the Thing Expected of You as A User?

In order to take the advantage of ACT, you are recommended to access this portal for at least once a month to communicate with Leaders, Supervisors, and Mentors about your career development goals. Accessing this portal is also beneficial to get the newest news. All users of ACT are also expected to use it to make and track the professional and personal goals toward career development.

What Is the Thing that Is Expected by Yourself as A Leader?

The Leader has a responsibility to make sure that their subordinates are getting the proper education, training and experiences at the right time for promotion. They also have to incase the potential in current and future assignments. Education, training, and experiences are three important things.

Q&A About ACT and AKO

  1. Question: Is AKO account needed to use ACT?

Answer: Yes, signing into ACT needs an AKO account.

  1. Question: Is your CAC (Career Access Card) required access to ACT?

Answer: Currently, there is no need for you to get the CAC or Career Access Card to access ACT. However, it is able to be used for authentication just like it is used in AKO.

  1. Question: What should you do to register for an ACT account?

Answer: There is no certain registration for ACT. The access to it is available in AKO.

  1. Question: Are DoD certificates needed?

Answer: DoD certificate is needed because it is a digital document that provides the identity of a website or an individual. This certificate is used by AKO to identify itself to its users and to enable a secure connection.

  1. Question: What should you do to install the DoD certificate?

Answer: For those who have an Army Account type, whether it is Full or Sponsored, the DoD Root Certificates is able to be retrieved within the AKO/DKO portal. The first thing that you need to do is to go to AKO. When you are there, click on Quick Links. Then, click on CAC and then CAC Resource Center. The next thing that has to be done is to click on Step 3: DoD Certificates that is able to be found under the CAC Installation Quick Start on the left side of the page. Please follow every step in the DoD Certificate Information area to download the newest DoD Certificates.

  1. Question: Are those without CAC allowed to access ACT?

Answer: Currently, the ones that are allowed to access ACT are the AKO users with ID and password.

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