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In 1990s as an experimental outgrowth of a project of the General Office Management Office, AKO (Army Knowledge Online) was established. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) provides web based enterprise information services to the United States Army, Department of Defense customers and the joint. AKO is well known as the world’s largest intranet. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) offers the Army access to the Internet and sharing of knowledge and information with a single entry point. It is become AKO as the Army’s only enterprise that operated in all the Department of the Army.

AKO webmail is part of the U.S army’s intranet. It offers the secure methodology to transfer data through the internet to the users of AKO which use the high encryption. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) webmail provides e-mail, blogs, chat, varied location services, stores files and many more. To get AKO CAC login, you make sure that you have CAC. What is CAC? It is stands for (Common Access Card). So, if you do not have CAC (Common Access Card) you will not able to log in AKO (Army Knowledge Online) using your CAC (Common Access Card).

If you have CAC (Common Access Card), before you trying to log in, make sure that is registered with your AKO(Army Knowledge Online) account information. By the way, how to register CAC (Common Access Card)? Here are steps:

  • Please browse to the portal of AKO (Army Knowledge Online).
  • Log in to AKO (Army Knowledge Online) using your username and password.
  • Please open MY Account menu.
  • Please select CAC (Common Access Card) or Certificate registration.
  • Click Register.
  • Please enter your password.
  • Print the confirmation screen as desired.

How the steps AKO CAC login? Its steps are below.

  1. Please go to the portal of AKO (Army Knowledge Online).
  2. Click ‘I Accept’ button.
  3. Click CAC (Common Access Card) login button.
  4. Please select your ID certificate. This certificate can be identified by your CAC (Common Access Card)username. This information should present as Last.FirstMI.XXXXX where XXXXX represent your CAC’s EDIPI.
  5. After that click OK.
  6. Please enter your CAC PIN
  7. Now the system will validate your ID certificate and log you into AKO portal.

If you have a CAC (Common Access Card) that you can use to access your account, you can set your account to be CAC only login. You are suspending the ability to use a username and password with your account, after you set your account to be CAC-Only. It is to prevent within eliminate the need to renew your password regularly.  It is also to prevent anyone from accessing your account without your CAC (Common Access Card) and PIN (personal identification number).

There are several steps about how to set your account for CAC Only login. You can see below.

  1. Log in to your AKO account using your CAC.
  2. Open the My Account menu.
  3. Click the Change Password menu option.
  4. Select the Set CAC Only Login.
  5. Click the Enable CAC Only Login button.
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