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Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is a website that allows users to accessing knowledge about military. If you try to access a SSL DoD site (such as ASFI (acquisition.army.mil), DIBBS (dibbs.bsm.dla.mil)), you may receive a warning message stating that you should not proceed. With multiple browsers (FireFox), you can add exceptions to the warnings and proceed normally. In Chrome you will be shut off. To overcome this, you can install the DoD Root Certificate on your machine. This will allow your Web browser AKO certificates (Chrome, IE, Safari) to trust the identity of the Web site whose secure communications the DoD has indeed authorized.

Is this necessary to access Army Knowledge Online (AKO)? However, no, this will help you avoid the Security Alert window when you open a communication website for various DoD agents, including DTIC, DIBBS, AFSI. Future access to the DoD Web site may require an AKO certificates.

So, to do it right, you should download ALL the certificates referenced here: http://dodpki.c3pki.chamb.disa.mil/rootca.html and import them into your Trusted Certificate Store. Here’s How (Windows):

Browse to this site: http://dodpki.c3pki.chamb.disa.mil/rootca.html using IE 6.0 or later, or Firefox 3.0 or later. (You can not use Chrome for this page, but it is not supported by Department of Defense).
Right click on each certificate and download it to your disk.
Open Certificate Manager by clicking the Start button, type certmgr.msc into the Search box, and then press ENTER. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
Click on Trusted Root Certificate Authority, then Right Click and select Import.
As an option, you can import AKO certificates from Chrome. To do this, click the Wrench, Options, Under the Hood button, Click the Manage Certificates button, Click the Trusted Root Certification Authority tab, and then import each certificate.
If you have any problems with this, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will notify you online.

Certificate, Signing of Identity or Email, selected in step 5 above may be specified by the website. If the first certificate selected does not work, select an alternative and try again to access the website.

Identity preferences can be picky about the URL used. Here are some examples below. If a site is found that has a problem, please contact AGM Help Desk agm.support@us.army.mil. We will create a list of sites with known issues as reported.

Site – AKO
Certificate – Identity
URL ID Pref – https://akocac.us.army.mil/
Site – JTF-GNO
Certificate – Signing email
URL ID Pref – https://www.jtfgno.mil


Safari exit completely.
And then you can select insert the card and open Keychain Access.
Select cch keychain.
After that please select “My Certificates” from “Category” in the sidebar.
Right-click on the certificate you need to authenticate with (usually Identity or email signing cert) and select “New Identity Preference”. You can use triangles with certificates to expand and view the type.
Enter the URL for the site. (** make sure you add “/” at the end of the URL).

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    How do I get an AKO account
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    Access AKO / DKO when I Retire or ETS
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    What is the Meaning of AKO in Military?
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