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Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Army that owns CAC will be migrated to DISA’s Enterprise Email Prayer and can no longer access their email via username / password (AKO Enterprise Email). Company Email uses Microsoft Exchange and requires 100% CAC usage. Email addresses are provided from the Outlook Web App (OWA) website. At that time the AKO account for Dual Persona users will be migrated in June or July 2013.

To access OWA, you must first have a DOD Enterprise Email Email account DoD Enterprise. If you do not have a DoD Enterprise Email account (email account ending in “mail.mil”), check with your organization for an activation date.

Once you have your DoD Enterprise email account, follow and review the steps below to enable the use of CAC on your Windows system.

Step Installing Windows

  • Step 1: Get CAC Reader
  • Step 2: Install the CAC Reader driver
  • Step 3: Obtain a DoD Certificate
  • Step 4: Install ActivClient
  • Step 5: Configure Internet Explorer for CAC
  • Step 6: Select the certificate “EMAIL” when prompted.

AKO Enterprise Email

If you want to use DoD Enterprise email with personal computer email clients such as Outlook or other services that are outside the military or government network or Mail.mil Advanced Technologies Email. There are several solutions in this stricture:

  1. While working, you can forward your DoD Enterprise Email to another email address .il or .gov that you can access at home. The Enterprise Email Office provides guidance here (CAC required for download). In short, there is a “Forwarding from DoD EE” button in the email address of miles or .gov. By using your forwarding button, basically, merge your work and home email into one email address.
  2. Business Class users can use their government BlackBerry or bring their government computers with them. Or, if you are a Business class user and your organization is using Citrix, you may be able to use your CAC-enabled PC with Outlook and Citrix clients.
  3. For all mail.mil users, you can access your email on iPhone or iPad using OWA. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow digital encryption in Internet Explorer 32 bit with S / MIME installed.

If the DoD Enterprise Email account has been set up, my profile information is incorrect in the Global Address List (GAL).

  1. Read How to Update Your Information in the Enterprise Email Address Global Address List (GAL) and follow the instructions to correct the wrong information on your profile.
  2. To update your profile, login to MilConnect’s Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) and log in to update your profile. It takes 4 to 48 hours to update your GAL with new profile information. Instructions on how to use the MilConnect’s DMDC site are available at https://ee.csd.disa.mil (CAC required to access). Select the Update Your GAL Attributes button. The instruction manual is available at: http://www.disa.mil/~/media/Files/DISA/Services/Enterprise-Services/MilConnectTTP.pdf
  1. If your military rank is wrong on your profile, please visit the ID card office to fix it.
    then will be report to the following error when trying to access my email via OWA: “HTTP / 1.1 503 Service Unavailable”. There is nothing wrong with your computer setup. This error occurs when there is a problem with the Exchange server.

Check your email again in minutes.

So, this is AKO enterprise email. Good Luck!

    What is the AKO Email Address Format?
    What is the AKO Email Address Format?
    Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is one of
    OWA (Outlook Web App) with your CAC
    OWA (Outlook Web App) with your CAC
    AKO (Army Knowledge Online) is well known
    How Do I Find Out My AKO Webmail?
    How Do I Find Out My AKO Webmail?
    I forgot my webmail AKO address How
    AKO Webmail
    AKO Webmail
    AKO (Army Knowledge Online) is well known

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