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In today’s digital age it seems almost all our activities are inseparable from the name of an email account, ranging from online shopping that requires email verification to work in the office that requires an email account to send messages and other important files and in this article will discuss about Army AKO Login.

The military has officially decided to change from Army AKO Login platform to Defense Enterprise Department Email (DEE). Enterprise email is a cloud-based email platform and is created to allow soldiers to communicate with each other on a more secure private network. 100% use of CAC has been mandated by Chief Information Officer. All users must now have CAC and Email Enterprise DoD will have no ability to access Outlook that is not on the .mil or .gov network.

For easily to open an DOD emails provide secure access to your email from any location, allow shared resources such as calendars in DoD, has reduced costs compared to previous Web Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge Platforms, and provides better security between DECC’s. If you have problems accessing your Army Email Company click here for instructions. If you want to encrypt your email with OWA go here to get the information. For the Enterprise DISH Enterprise Email FAQ basic army login AKO.

  1. The first thing you need to do is open an AKO Application on your phone or open a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your computer to be able to access the site.
  2. Next you can directly enter AKO Application on your phone or for you who want AKO list via browser please enter the address on site bar at the top of your web browser to then go to main page of AKO sign in. And click “create account”.
  3. Once you go to the main page in the email AKO then you will be faced with the display form registration contains blank columns that you must fill in accordance with valid data.
    To fill in this new email list field, here’s a series of ways you need to do as shown in the following figure:
  • Name: please fill in a column consisting of a name box with 2 rows of blank columns. You can enter your first name on the first column row and enter your last name on the second column row. This will also be related to the selection of your username / email address which usually the gmail party will automatically recommend an email address based on your name.
  • Choose your username: which you can fill according to the name which will become the email address of your gmail account. As previously mentioned in this field gmail will automatically provide username selection based on the name you have entered in the first column before. But if you are not pleased then you can fill this column with the user name as you wish by typing it on the column that has been provided. After you enter a username will display a notification that says whether the username is already used or available for you to use. If it is available then you can proceed to the next column.
  • Create a password: which you can enter by entering a password for security purposes from logging in to your gmail account. Important.! Always remember your gmail password, because password is required for gmail login or every time you will enter gmail account, therefore do not forget your email password.
  • Confirm your password: in this field you only need to enter a sentence in accordance with the password you previously entered to make sure that the password is correct and in accordance with the previous one.

So, this is the step for Army AKO Login.

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