How do I get an AKO account

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AKO is abbreviation for Army Knowledge Online. AKO is well known as the world’s largest intranet that offers the Army access to the Internet and sharing of knowledge and information with a single entry point. It is become AKO as the Army’s only enterprise that operated in all the Department of the Army. Army AKO has 2.9 million registered users. It is also supports over 350K users logging in up to a million times a day. Every day it can receive and send emails average 12 million emails. As we said before that AKO (Army Knowledge Online) is the large intranet system which enables its members to keep in touch overall with the Army community.

If you want to get login into Army AKO (Army Knowledge Online), first you have to create an AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account with username and password. If you are authorized, you will be provided this information by the US military. But to login AKO, you must have CAC. It is stands for Common Access Card as well as a personal identification number. Beside that the users which login AKO have to answer three of fifteen personal questions which further validate the users. So, if you do not have CAC (Common Access Card) you will not able to log in AKO (Army Knowledge Online).

The military can create for an AKO account. This includes Army civilian, Active Duty, National Guard, and Army reserves. All account data for fixing AKO (Army Knowledge Online) Webmail are often found on the military’s official web site. To access AKO (Army knowledge Online) webmail login, you have to enter the required details. AKO webmail is part of the United State army’s intranet. It offers the secure methodology to transfer data through the internet to the users of AKO which use the high encryption. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) webmail provides e-mail, blogs, chat, varied location services, stores files and many more.

If you want to get AKO Login with your CAC (Common Access Card), you have to enter your CAC number and PIN (personal identification number). All users who have a CAC (Common Access Card) should migrate to theEnterprise Email platform fully. The enterprise email is an email platform which is created to allow the army to communicate with each other in private network which more secure. Nowadays, the users will not be able to log into their account just from a username and password. By the way, how the steps to get login with your CAC? Its steps are below.

  1. Please go to the portal of AKO (Army Knowledge Online).
  1. Click ‘I Accept’ button.
  2. Click CAC (Common Access Card) login button.
  3. Please select your ID certificate. This certificate can be identified by your CAC (Common Access Card)username. This information should present as Last.FirstMI.XXXXX where XXXXX represent your CAC’s EDIPI.
  4. After that click OK.
  5. Please enter your CAC PIN
  6. Now the system will validate your ID certificate and log you into AKO portal
    AKO Mil
    AKO Mil
    AKO (Army Knowledge Online) is the Army’s
    Access AKO / DKO when I Retire or ETS
    Access AKO / DKO when I Retire or ETS
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    What is the Meaning of AKO in Military?
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    AKO Certificates
    Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is a website

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