How to Change AKO Username

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Your AKO username is based off of your first and last names, using a period as a separator. By the way, how do you change your AKO username? Well, here we are going to reveal that information. Keep staying on this page.

Changing your AKO username

In order to have a username changed on the AKO system, your AKO username must be:

  • Different from your legal name, and the name must be reflected in the authoritative database. This usually happens due to a legal name change, or if somehow your AKO account was registered with a username other than your legal name. AKO usernames consist of legal first name, middle initial, and last name separated by periods. To prevent duplicate usernames, a trailing number is going to be added immediately after the last name. If your name does not reflect this username standard, you are also able to request a name change.
  • Over 64 characters long.

If you have qualified for a name change, then you are able to contact the help desk for assistance.

Unsponsored Accounts: If you have an unsponsored account, your information should be updated with your personnel office first. The AKO help desk will not be able to change your username until your new name is listed within the correct Personnel Database.

Sponsored/Guest Accounts: If you have a sponsored/guest account, you need to have your name updated within DEERS or DMDC (Database maintained by CAC office).  For contractors, your name needs to be updated within the CVS (Contractor Verification System).

Steps to change your AKO username

So, how to change your AKO username. Do not worry as its way is very easy.

Here are some easy steps to change your AKO username:

  • At the first step, you are able to log into your AKO account.
  • After that, you need to click on the My Account tab.
  • Also, you need to click on the Mail Preferences.
  • Please click on Mail Options.
  • In this step, you have to put a check in the box labeled “Reset display name to: [your display name here].
  • Afterwards, simply click on ‘Submit’
  • Please choose your display name.
  • The last step, click on ‘Submit’

How does the AKO username change works?

After the Helpdesk Agent requests your name change, then your username change will be processed in the next system reconciliation. Your current username is going to remain in effect until this reconciliation takes place. Once that occurs, you are going to accept an email in your non AKO registered email address allowing you know the change has been made.

Contractors: After your AKO username has been changed, all mail from your previous account will be transferred automatically to your new account for 90 days. After 90 days, the sender is going to receive a Mail Delivery Failure message. Your existing mail and contacts are going to transfer to your new account. For your information, this can take up to 24 hours to transfer. Aside from that, all of your group memberships and rights within the files section and page are also going to transfer. At this time, AKO IM contacts will not be transferred.

Full Accounts: Email is going to be forwarded from the original email address to the new email address automatically for life. This can prevent mail from being missed. Now, the ability to disable this feature is not available. If you utilize your CAC to sign/encrypt emails, you have to update your email address, signature certificate, and encryption certificate after you change your AKO username.

AKO username guidance

AKO usernames follow policy guidance from the Army. There have been several standards for usernames since AKO has been stood up. You may see usernames which fall outside of the boundaries of their current policies. if you need an AKO username change, the AKO username must match their current guidance below:

  • Policy: To find their full policy on AKO username formatting, you are able to click this link; That document covers their individual account naming policy, their naming policy for Utility accounts, and whom to contact for username appeals.
  • Requirements: Once you register for an account on AKO, their system is going to try to match you to one of their authoritative databases. If it discovers a record for you, then you are going to be given a username that matches their current guidance. As we know that their current username format includes your full first name, full last name, and your middle initial.
  • Length: The maximum limit of your AKO username is 60 characters. Also, utility account names must fit this length requirement, but the additional requirements for utility account naming make it unlikely you will hit the limit.
  • Errors (mis-matching): If your AKO username does not reflect your name correctly, then you have to call the helpdesk to effect a username change on your account. This will be able to apply if you have had your name legally changed, or if somehow there is a mis-spelling which is not reflected in your personnel records.

How to change your enterprise email address?

Talking about changing your AKO username, now we also want to share a way to change your enterprise email address.

  • On the First page, you have to go to Update Email.
  • There will be a security warning. Please press on the checkbox to “Always trust content from this publisher.”
  • Then, click on your Identity Certificate. For note: this certificate is not your Email certificate. Click OK.
  • Also, another warning will pop up. Again choose “Always trust content from this publisher”, and press Run. Then, “Update Certificates” tab will open and display the status.
  • Now, you have to fill in the Email Address you want.
  • Please double check your email address.
  • From here you are able to check PCC or UPN.
  • Press Update and press Yes to continue the next step. Now, the task is complete.
  • After the RSS has been completed, a screen will say that everything has been updated successfully. Please go to the Home Tab, or go back to the home link to log off the application.
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