How to Find My iPERMS on AKO

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iPERMS is known as the online database and or information system that is used to save and to manage the records about the military personnel. Evaluation reports, some medical documents, college and military transcripts, awards, diplomas, and many other things are kept here.

iPERMS is designed to eliminate the need for keeping the paperwork and records at the unit level. It is the kind of thing that makes the individual soldier to access their personnel file wherever they are. In short, it is the entire personnel records management process.

Everyone is needed to check the iPPERMS file online one day every month. The best time is the first or the last day of the month. Can you find your iPERMS on the portal that is used by the US Army named AKO (Army Knowledge Online)? If the answer to the question is yes, how to do it?

Method to Find Your iPERMS on AKO

In order to find the iPERMS on AKO, the first thing that you have to do is to open the official website of AKO at After logging in, you will be able to review your iPERMS file in order to see if there are any new documents that have been added or removed.

Checking it at least once every month is recommended to avoid any mistakes. In case the mistakes are found, you can fix them immediately. Contrary to what it is recommended, most soldiers only check their file in iPERMS once a year, which is such a big mistake. Any mistakes might not be found if the files are checked annually. Plus, even if there are any, it is too late to fix them.

In case you are having a hard time finding your iPERMS on AKO, you are encouraged to contact the customer service of at phone at 502-613-9990. If you are too lazy to talk directly to the customer service, the alternative way to get in touch with them is by sending an email. The email address that you can use to send to send an email is Please explain everything in the email and do not miss the main context.

Aside from the customer service above, you can also contact AKO Help Desk. The phone number that you can dial is 1-866-335-ARMY (2769) -Use Option 2. Please explain about your situation properly or ask the question that you want to ask well so that you can get the proper answer.

About iPERMS

PERMS is the abbreviation of Interactive Personnel Electronics Records Management System. This one is known as a record management system. The ones that usually use it are the army of the United States of America. Thanks to the system that is supported online, its accessibility is great.

As it has great accessibility, everyone, who is authorized, is able to access the system even if they are living at a place that is quite far away. The main purpose of this creation is to offer a great system for the army in the United States. It is designed to make sure that all the records related to all army divisions are included in the system. It is actually helpful as it makes it easier for the records to be stored in the system, meaning they are able to be accessed easily.

Almost every organization and almost everyone in the United States has all ensured that they support technology. The decision was made because the advantages of it are undoubtedly real. Every personal record related to all divisions of the Army are secure and stored well and there is no obstacle to access it. Everyone who is currently serving in the army can also take the advantage of this system as they are also allowed to get the access to the best services in place.

iPERMS is used by each and every department, including the human resource. It is the reason why the service delivery is swift and timely. The platform that is available on iPERMS can be used by the authorized staff in the army to access any information that is within the scope. It means there is no need for people to go to the physical location to get a certain file. Thankfully, the files and documents are arranged well so that finding a certain file or document will not take too much time. On the other hand, everything can be done remotely under high security. With that being said, it can be concluded that the files and the documents can only be seen by the authorized users only.

It is believed that iPERMS is the most secure way to save the records related to the army as the only ones that have the privilege to see them are the authorized users. In the past, the records were used to be placed in the files that could be accessed by anyone. Since then, the system has improved a lot by adding some features that make sure the records today that are saved in the system will not be taken by the wrong people. One of the things that have been added is the tracking system with the use to ensure that any changes made to the documents in terms of retrieval, importation and exportation are trailed. This one is also effective to prevent some cases from happening such as abuse of the entire process. It is basically useful to ensure the integrity of the documents.

iPERMS is currently considered as the best file management system in the army due to its role as a place to manage a lot of files in one place. This system has made a certain division to experience the perks of having technology. Years ago, it took a long time for the individual to get the service, making them feel stressed. The requests sent by the soldiers to the administration were a lot. In this modern era, everything is easier and the time to do everything is reduced.

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