How to Find SSD1 in Your Army AKO

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Here is a way of How to Find SSD1 in Your Army AKO which is very important for soldiers to do in everywhere exercises only with computers or laptops, and in this article will show you how to do this, follow the steps below and good luck.

  1. Go to, and make sure that your browser is not blocked by Army Knowledge Online (AKO).
  2. After the display of Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is open, you can log in to your account using your username and password in Army
  3. Knowledge Online (AKO), make sure that your account can open properly.
  4. After that click on the self service tab, then click my training contained in the self service tab.
  5. After you click the tab, then you will see a logo that read “ALMS” then click on the logo to load the next page.

After clicking the logo “ALMS”, on this page you will see three boxes that read:

  • Go to Mandatory Training
  • Go to ALMS Homepage
  • And Exit

6. What should you choose is a box that has the words “Go to ALMS Homepage”, click Go to ALMS Homepage, on this page you will see some options available. But you should choose Tutorials and Additional Resources.

7. On this page, you must ensure that the browser you are using is in compliance with ALMS standards or recommendations. You should make sure that what meets any standard that does not meet the standards or recommendations of ALMS.

8. If there are some things that do not match or do not meet the standards, then all you have to do is try to make it all fit and meet the standards.

9. In this section there are some things you should match or some applications that you need to install or download, this is useful for the smooth training you will do on Army Knowledge Online (AKO), because there will be some things that require additional applications.

10. Click the Army Training Help Desk in the Tutorials and Additional Resources section if you find it difficult to use this stage and need help, they will be available 24 to help you. You can see problem and solved of anythings in this tab, you also can chat with the customer service for ask somethings. The will be pleasure to help you.

11. After everything has been resolved, click execute training, in this section there are two columns that you need to fill, in this my enrollment you have to fill the data accurately and you will also be asked for the name of the certificate you have ever achieved or the things that Relate to your achievement when you become a soldier. And in this section, is the kind of training you want to do in this Army Knowledge Online (AKO).

So here’s the step on “How to Find SSD1 in Your Army AKO”. Good luck to use this training on Army Knowledge Online (AKO)!

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