What is the AKO Email Address Format?

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Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is one of the special intranets designed for US soldiers who serve as a specialized and confidential online knowledge for US soldiers. Security in Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is very strict and gradual, if you are not an AKO Webmail user, you will not be able to enter the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) page.

So, What is the AKO Email Address Format? The following is the format of the email AKO: (firstname.lastname.MIL@MAIL.MIL)

Then what is email? This time I share with you the interesting knowledge that is Understanding and benefit / usability of e-mail. The following terms and benefits / usability of e-mail.

Understanding e-mail

E-mail (electronic mail) is a letter in electronic form. E-mail is one of the most widely used facilities or internet applications in terms of correspondence. This is because e-mail is a cheap, fast, and efficient communication tool. Using e-mail allows us to send messages in the form of letters to the world in a very fast and low cost. E-mail will be sent to the destination address for a moment the e-mail is sent. The cost is simply the cost to access the internet when we send / open to receive the e-mail. Communication using e-mail is done by enabling messages that we will send on software that is devoted to this purpose, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Benefit / usability of e-mail:

  1. Media communication
    E-mail or electronic mail is a communication medium that is usually done in a problem or general (community).
  2. Media delivery
    With e-mail you can send data to all over the world and of course the sender and the sender of data are both using the e-mail address, not the home address. Not only that, by using e-mail you can send data to many people in just minutes or even seconds.
  3. Effective, efficient, and inexpensive
    Delivering data via e-mail is very effective, efficient, and cheap. That is, you do not have to go out and go to the post office just to send a photo or job application. Simply via internet connection and your e-mail address, delivery will be fast to the destination address and do not need expensive.
  4. Media promotion
    If you can have a business on the internet or an online business, you can send product promotions to your customers by utilizing an existing e-mail list of subscribers.
  5. Media information
    By e-mail, you can get the latest information from all over the world that you want by becoming a customer information from the media you specify.
  6. Create a blog or website
    With e-mail you can create blogs and websites.
  7. Social media
    With e-mail, you can establish relationships with friends or others. Either using the e-mail itself or through social networks like facebook, twitter, or google.

So, this is “What is the AKO Email Address Format” for you. Hopefully useful for all of you, good luck to use Army Knowledge Online (AKO) or contact someone who have an account on Army Knowledge Online (AKO). Thank you.

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