What is the Meaning of AKO in Military?

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Maybe there are some of you who are curious about what AKO is in the military? The AKO stands for Army Knowledge Online which is one of the main intranet of the United States Army. Army Knowledge Online (AKO) it can be said as one of the largest corporate intranet in the world owned by US soldiers.

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) The intranet is accessible through the Army’s general Web page, which is used for recruiting and public information. Signing up for an AKO army account is required at the time of enlistment. Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is accessible wherever and whenever. So soldiers can easily find out information that is happening in the United States even though they are not in the United States. In Army Knowledge Online (AKO) there is some confidential information that exists in the United States as well as in all parts of the world related to the United States.

To access this Intranet Army Knowledge Online (AKO) the soldiers or users should be able to follow DoD security policies and require that users use strong passwords or a combination of Common Access Card (CAC) and personal identification (PIN) cards. In July 2010, the army also had to answer 3 of the 15 personal questions they chose to further validate access with knowledge-based authentication, which was used to tighten security for access to Intranet Army Knowledge Online (AKO).

On the main Intranet Army Knowledge Online (AKO) staff are ready to serve more than 2 million registered users, including active and retired service providers and their family members, and provide single access to more than 300 applications and services. According to the Web site, AKO is an “important tool” to use in “turning the Army into a knowledge-based organization.” According to some sources, there is also the US Navy Online Knowledge (NKO) and a US Air Force portal. AKO has been extended to the wider DoD community through Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) similar to Army Knowledge Online (AKO).

Online Army Knowledge Online (AKO) knowledge Online Army / Defense Knowledge Online has a Facebook page that you can access whenever and wherever you are.
The Defense Health Information Management System (DHIMS) provides information management for military electronic health records that allows soldiers to view their medical records, without having to carry letters or meet with officials as before. This is an alternative and a way that makes it easier for soldiers in the United States.

You also need to know that Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) is integrated with other DoD systems which is useful for providing online training courses and resources for all branches of service to all US soldiers.

So, this is what we call the Army AKO or we can call it Army Knowledge Online. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. Hopefully you can take the meaning of the things discussed above. Good Luck to using AKO for soldiers, including active and retired service providers and their family members.

    How do I get an AKO account
    How do I get an AKO account
    AKO is abbreviation for Army Knowledge Online.
    AKO Mil
    AKO Mil
    AKO (Army Knowledge Online) is the Army’s
    Access AKO / DKO when I Retire or ETS
    Access AKO / DKO when I Retire or ETS
    Currently you may ask and wonder if
    AKO Certificates
    AKO Certificates
    Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is a website

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